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Lessons can take place at Dr. DeBardelaben's home studio or at the student's home depending on scheduling availability and location of the student's home. 

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Dr. DeBardelaben's Home Teaching Studio

1510 Delgado Avenue, Coral Gables, FL 33146

Miami Virtuosi String Training

What makes Miami Virtuosi String Training unique?

Miami Virtuosi String Training provides private and group violin and viola lessons taught by Dr. Ross Adam DeBardelaben. Dr. Ross, Dr. D, or Dr. RAD (as some of his students call him) has over 14 years of experience teaching children strings. His thoughtful and informed approach resources materials and principals from the Suzuki Method, Sassmannshaus Tradition, Bornoff's Foundation for the Advancement of String Education, the O'Connor Method, FiddleQuest, and many more!

The Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Violin Method is the gold standard for teaching young children as young as three years old to play classical music repertoire on the violin. Dr. Sinichi Suzuki published a curriculum or order of learning which starts with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in book 1 and culminates with Mozart Violin Concertos in books 9 and 10. One of the core tenets of the Suzuki Method is the idea that every child is talented and can learn to play the violin. Many Suzuki method schools are called schools of talent education in order to remind students and parents that talent plus a nurturing environment leads to great accomplishment. The Suzuki Method places utmost importance on the Teacher-Student-Parent Triangle and the mother-tongue model for learning music like we learn language.

For more information about the Suzuki Method, visit websites for the Suzuki Association of the America and the Suzuki Association of South Florida

Also, visit https://suzukiassociation.org/people/ross-debardelaben/ to see Dr. DeBardelaben's registered training in the Suzuki Method.

The Sassmannshaus Tradition

The Sassmannhaus Tradition is the name for the large body of teaching material developed by father and son Egon and Kurt Sassmannshaus and published by Barenreiter. Whereas the Suzuki Method, emphasizes learning solo repertoire by ear during the early stages of development, the Sassmannshaus method books called "Early Start On The Violin" provide an alternative approach which introduces sheet music note reading in large print with beautiful art to inspire children  throughout books 1 and 2. The Sassmannshaus Method is excellent complement to the Suzkuki Method. Visit ViolinMasterClass.com for resources and information about the Sassmannshaus Tradition. 

Here are links to all the methods mentioned above:

Suzuki Association of the America

Sassmannshaus Tradition

Bornoff's Foundation for the Advancement of String Education

O'Connor Method



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